Prefabricated Ramps for Residential Use: Why You Should Get an Access Ramp for Your Home

As accessibility becomes an increasingly vital concept for many people in Australia, the demand for access ramps in homes for the elderly and those with physical disabilities has grown steadily.

For people struggling with mobility problems, having a reliable and safe accessibility ramp can have a huge impact on their daily lives. This is the main reason why in residential properties, installing a prefabricated wheelchair ramp is a viable option. With a prefabricated ramp, you can greatly improve your home’s accessibility in a practical and efficient manner.  

Below are some of the main benefits of getting a prefabricated ramp for residential use.

Ease of Installation

Prefabricated access ramps for the elderly are easy to install. Due to the way they’re designed, the installation process only requires minimal tools and technical skills. Compared to other types of ramps that can take days or weeks to build, such as those made from concrete, prefabricated ramps can be set up in a matter of hours.

Prefabricated ramps allow homeowners like you to save time on the entire construction or installation process, which minimises the disruption to your daily household activities.

Flexibility and Modularity

One of the major advantages of prefabricated ramps is their overall design. These ramps are typically modular, and they consist of components that can be easily assembled together. The modularity of these ramps means that you can easily adjust, expand, or relocate them if needed.

Whether you’re renting your current home or you’re the owner of the house, the flexibility of prefabricated ramps is a highly practical feature, especially if you need to move or make changes to the property in the future.


Compared to other ramp designs, such as those that need to be built from the ground up, prefabricated wheelchair ramps are often more cost-effective, which means they’re a more budget-friendly option for homeowners.

In addition, since prefabricated access ramps can be quickly set up, the labour cost of having one installed on your property is usually quite low.

Compliance with Current Regulations

In Australia, there are strict accessibility standards that both commercial and residential properties must follow, especially when it comes to accommodating senior citizens and people with physical disabilities and mobility issues.

A prefabricated ramp made by a reputable company is designed with these standards in mind, ensuring that its overall design, construction, and various features comply with local laws and regulations such as the Disability Discrimination Act (DDA) and the Australian Standards for Access and Mobility (AS 1428).

Durability and Safety

High-quality prefabricated ramps are often made out of durable materials like aluminium or steel, ensuring the safety of their users. Since they’re commonly used outdoors, these ramps are specifically engineered to withstand the elements, including harsh weather conditions, UV exposure, and heavy usage.

These ramps also have various safety features such as handrails and non-slip surfaces.

Minimal Maintenance

As mentioned earlier, prefabricated ramps are made from durable and sturdy materials that can withstand outdoor conditions. This means that they don’t require frequent maintenance since their robust construction and weather-proof materials make them resistant to rot, corrosion, and deterioration.

Boost Property Value

Having a prefabricated wheelchair ramp can help increase a residential property’s value and marketability, particularly for home buyers or renters with mobility limitations or those living with elderly individuals.

Prefabricated ramps offer a cost-effective way to enhance accessibility without undertaking major renovations, making the property more appealing to a broader range of potential occupants.


If you’re considering installing a prefabricated ramp in your home, make sure to enlist the services of a professional ramp builder and supplier, such as Adapta Ramps. We offer custom and ready-to-install prefabricated accessibility solutions for residential and commercial properties.

Get in touch with us today and start designing your DDA and AS-compliant access ramp

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