Advantages Of Wheelchair Ramps

Wheelchair ramps benefit the disabled with limited mobility.

It helps them gain freedom of movement and improve their lifestyle. The elderly or those with a physical disability have tremendous mobility problems. Their families too find it challenging to manage day-to-day issues related to assisting them. Very simple tasks needing movement become time-consuming and frustrating. Neither the disabled nor the families have the freedom they crave.

Disabled ramps are a necessary installation in residential and commercial structures. These ramps allow people with disabilities to access a building easily. Here is a guide which offers useful and comprehensive information on the advantages of wheelchair ramps.

#1 Freedom Of Movement And Independent Living

The biggest problem faced by disabled people is freedom of movement. The availability of disabled ramps is the precious gift for the disabled and elderly as it makes independent living a reality and their life much more comfortable. It is the most practical way to help them and their caretakers.

It is possible to do a DIY job of installing a ramp. That is why some people do not want to search for a company to install a ramp for them, and they find it cost-efficient to do it themselves. The most crucial aspect of installing a disability ramp is safety and ease of movement and its best to hire the services of an installation company for a safe disability ramp.

#2 Regulatory Standards of Home Environments are Met

Regulatory standards for the installation of a disability ramps go hand-in-hand with simplifying the home environment. The standards aim to build safe to use ramps for the disabled. You need to ensure that some of the basic requirements are in place at home before building a disability ramp.

While these standards vary in different areas, the basic rules and regulations remain common. It is essential to do some research to understand these regulations before constructing or installing a disability ramp. The standards set the rules for the following features in your home:

  • The correct slope, height and length, width, and ramp run to landing ratio.
  • Appropriate handrail length to make it easy and comfortable for the disabled to access and negotiate the ramp.

These regulations serve a useful purpose and help make the lives of disabled people comfortable. It also helps prevent injuries to them due to faulty installation of wheelchair ramps.

#3 Disabled Need Improved Mobility In Public Places

The disabled and elderly, like anyone else, love to visit public places like theatres, malls, airports, shops, etc. There are about 4 million disabled people in Australia and many of these visit public places. This indicates the need to consider special requirements, such as the installation of disability ramps. However, not all businesses or public places accommodate the specific mobility needs of the disabled. It makes accessibility a major concern for people who use wheelchairs or assistive devices.

Installing a disability ramp is useful for businesses in many ways. A larger number of individuals (even those with disabilities), would be able to visit your business without feeling frustrated. This helps increase sales growth and improves the business environment.

It also increases the productivity of your staff as they don’t need to leave their desks to assist those who use a wheelchair.

These ramps are useful and essential both in homes and business places. They are fundamental because every disabled individual must be empowered to live an independent life at home as well as in public places.

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