How Occupational Therapists Can Use Adapta to Add Value to Their Service

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How Occupational Therapists Can Use Adapta to Add Value to Their Service

Occupational therapists play an important role in our communities. As qualified health professionals, they work with people of all ages and abilities to help them live a fulfilling life. This includes self-care, working, volunteering and participating in hobbies, interests and social events. These are referred to as occupations and Occupational Therapy aims to allow people to participate in and enjoy the occupations of everyday life.

From enhancing a client’s personal life skills to adjusting the environment of their occupation and even adjusting the occupation itself, Occupational Therapists work closely with their clients to assess and understand how they can help. Often, Occupational Therapy clients who have disabilities, long-term chronic health issues or are temporarily disabled due to injury, require changes to their environment to allow them easier, safer and more convenient access.

If required, an Occupational Therapist may request the installation of a ramp and rail set, landings or a secure set of steps in a new location that allows clients to access schools, hospitals, work places, public facilities and even their homes.

Adapta’s mission goes hand-in-hand with the valuable work of Occupational Therapists. We’re also passionate about creating equality, freedom and a feeling of safety in our community. We believe that everyone deserves the opportunity to live a fulfilling life.

We’ve created an innovative online access solution that gives Occupational Therapists the opportunity to offer an online solution for the access systems they may have recommended to clients. It’s an affordable and convenient option that can add real value to the service of an Occupational Therapist with little effort.

Our ramp and rail, step and landing kit designs can be customised to suit any environment. Everything from the shape to the layout to the dimensions and even the colour of materials can be changed to create a truly unique setup.

Our team of engineering experts work with you throughout the design process offering advice and recommendations where needed to ensure a safe and suitable access solution. Our online design tools make it easy to see your ramp and rail kit before you order it and once your specifications are finalised, we manufacture everything you’ll need using only the highest quality materials.

All of the pieces you’ll need to install your access kit are pre-fabricated and pre-coated so there’s no welding required to assemble it. Our kits are packaged with the ease of pre-installation layout in mind and are accompanied by easy-to-follow instructions, so installation couldn’t be easier.

We work with a huge number of distribution centres across Australia, so clients can choose a nearby location to collect their kit. With no need to hire an engineer or design team to create your ramp, Adapta’s solutions are affordable with none of the fuss.

Whether you’re an Occupational Therapist recommending Adapta directly to your client, a local builder or coordinating the design and installation yourself, Adapta offers a simple and cost-effective way to improve your clients’ occupational environments.

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