Tips To Choose Ramps For Larger Mobility Devices

When it comes to wheelchair mobility ramps, there are many different sizes and shapes to choose from.

Since there is a wide variety of wheelchairs and mobility devices available on the market today, it also becomes necessary to ensure that the ramp you install would be able to support that device.

Experienced ramp installation companies like us at Adapta have experts that can guide you on how to choose the best ramp for your needs. However, we also like to keep our customers well informed about various aspects of choosing these ability ramps. While wheelchairs are the standard choice for many people, others want mobility scooters as these offer the individual the freedom to move around more quickly.

Scooters are sturdier than wheelchairs and have room for keeping shopping bags etc. If you are considering getting a wheelchair ramp installed and feel that you may also be using a mobility scooter at some point in time, here are some tips to keep in view.

Some Pointers

If you are getting a ramp for your personal use on your residential property, there are generally two types of ramps to choose from – temporary and fixed. However, if you have a portable ramp already on your property and are considering getting a mobility scooter, you would have to determine whether it would be able to take the weight of the device. Keep in view that mobility scooters are much heavier than wheelchair and if you are investing in a double scooter it will be even more so.

In addition to making sure that your ramp would be able to take the strain and weight of the scooter, you will also have to check its dimensions. These mobility devices are broader and bigger than the average wheelchair. It’s why you would need to do some research and planning to ensure that the ramp you install on your property is safe.

The Considerations

When investing in a mobility ramp for a motorized scooter, there are specific considerations to keep in view. :

  • You would need larger landing spaces at the top, where you can park the mobility scooter since you would not be using the device in your home. Determine whether you can walk up a few steps that have a railing for support. If not, you would need a ramp that would allow you to ride the scooter up to your front door.
  • Keep in mind that your mobility scooter would require a reliable and stable ramp.
  • Portable features would not serve the purpose, and you would have to discuss your requirements with the company that is handling ramp installation for you.
  • Many property owners opt for temporary ramps made with very resilient materials. These features can be secured firmly to the ground and become a semi-permanent option. It means that if you relocate at any point in time, you would be able to dismantle the ramp and reassemble it at the new location.
  • Just as it is essential to choose your ramp with care, it is also necessary to determine whether you should invest in the latest mobility scooter. Consider the practicality and feasibility of the project before doing so.
  • Check whether there is plenty of space to get into the front door.
  • Determine what amount you would like to spend on your new ramp installation.

All of these are crucial aspects to keep in view while getting mobility devices as well as ramp features for your property. We offer a wide variety of ramp layouts and options. You can call 1800 232 782 or contact Adapta through this form, and one of our experts will contact you shortly. They will have detailed discussions with you to understand your needs before recommending the right solutions for your property.

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