Safety Aspects To Keep In View While Choosing A Wheelchair Ramp

If you like a more independent way of life

If you like a more independent way of life, investing in a good quality wheelchair ramp can be a very good decision. These ramps allow you to move in and out of your home as and when you want. They are also a very safe option for individuals using wheelchairs and other mobility devices. However, wheelchair ramp installation isn’t a job you can entrust to a novice. There are a number of safety and other aspects that need to be kept in view while choosing a wheelchair ramp. Here we discuss some of them:

1. The Professionals You Hire For The Job

While it’s true that handymen advertise they can build wheelchair ramps at a low cost, it isn’t a good idea to hire them for the job. Cutting costs comes at the risk of accidents and injuries caused by poor quality workmanship and incorrect specifications. One of the best ways to avoid these risks is to hire a company that specialises in wheelchair ramp installations.

They will construct the wheelchair ramp as per industry standards, keeping all safety aspects in view. In addition to this, they will provide complete details and guidance about the different products available. This helps you make a better-informed decision about the type of ramp you want for your home.

2. Location & Length

These two aspects are extremely important with reference to the safety of the feature. Every property is different and ramps come in different sizes and specifications too, making it extremely important to decide where to install the ramp. When you hire the services of professional wheelchair ramp installers, they will provide complete guidance on these aspects as well.

They will survey the available outdoor spaces to determine which area would be able to accommodate the wheelchair ramp in terms of slope and length. They will also provide advice on whether the ramp would work best when it’s connected to your home’s front, side or back door. A very steep wheelchair ramp can make it very difficult and risky for you to enter and leave your home without assistance. This makes location and length of the ramp very important aspects to take into consideration while building the feature.

3. Nighttime Safety

While a wheelchair ramp can add convenience and independence to your life, it can also be risky to use the ramp at night without the right type of lighting fixtures. Make sure there’s sufficient illumination along the length of the ramp. Depending on the type of structure you choose, you may want to consider installing light fixtures on the railing or adjacent to the ramp. In addition, it also important to ensure that you install easily accessible light switches near the base and top of the ramp. Alternatively, you can consider getting a motion sensor connected to the lights. These will automatically switch on the lights when they detect some movement within their range.

Regardless of who you hire to build your ramp and rails, and the materials, structure, length, and lighting you opt for, safety is one of the most important aspects to keep in view. We at Adapta Ramps have the expertise, experience, and excellent ramp products to suit the unique needs of our clients. Feel free to discuss your requirements with our team. They will provide solutions that will work best for your situation, setting, and budget.

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