Why You Should Avoid Cheap Access Ramps

When looking for an access ramp for your home or business, you might come across builders offering to make one for you at a low price. Although it’s tempting to accept this kind of offer, you should think twice before getting a cheap ramp.

This is because various factors can affect the overall quality of cheap\ ramps, such as poor construction techniques, low-quality materials, and shoddy craftsmanship. High-quality ramps, on the other hand, tend to be a bit costly to build and install. However, don’t let the high price deter you from getting a ramp from an authorised or qualified builder. After all, you’re also paying for the quality of the ramp.

Here are some of the reasons why you should avoid the cheapest wheelchair ramp you can find.

Safety Is Your Priority

When it comes to wheelchair and accessibility ramps, the user’s safety is your top priority. These types of ramps are commonly used by individuals with disabilities and mobility issues. This means that these structures should have all the necessary features that can help prevent accidents and other unfortunate situations.

These include properly constructed handrails and non-slip surfaces. Also, its weight capacity should be more than enough to support an individual on a mobility aid such as a wheelchair or scooter. Unfortunately, most cheap ramp builders avoid adding these features in order to lower the manufacturing cost.

Comply With DDA And AS

Another important aspect of a high-quality ramp is it should comply with current laws and regulations. In Australia, the various features of ramps should follow the guidelines set by the Disability Discrimination Act (DDA) and the Australian Standards (AS). The former requires all public places such as government buildings, shops, hospitals, parks, and schools to install a properly built ramp, while the latter sets the requirements for buildings to comply with the DDA.

Under the guidelines of the DDA and AS, public access ramps should have certain safety features such as non-skid surfaces and handrails. The width, length, and slope of ramps as well as the handrails’ various measurements, should also follow the dimensions set by the AS. Failure to follow these guidelines could result in safety and legal issues.

Avoid Frequent Repairs

For most people, their primary reason for getting a cheap ramp is to save money. Unfortunately, they’ll most likely end up spending more if they go down this route due to the general quality of cheap ramps. Cheap builders often use low-quality materials and construction methods to build their ramps.

Unfortunately, this cost-cutting technique can cause structural issues, which can lead to frequent repairs and maintenance in the future. On the other hand, trusted and professional builders have the experience to create ramps that can last for a long time. They also use materials that can withstand harsh outdoor conditions.

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