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How to Avoid Common Wheelchair Ramp Accidents

In making spaces more inclusive and accessible, wheelchair ramps are now more commonly found in public. While this is a good thing, it is important to implement these the proper way. A simple oversight can make the spaces riskier and more accident-prone instead of improving the overall experience for wheelchair users.  To create accessible and [...]


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Tips on Safely Pushing a Wheelchair Up and Down A Ramp

People might think that pushing a wheelchair is simple and easy. However, there are certain situations where one needs to consider other factors, such as safety and comfort when pushing wheelchairs.  To minimise the risk of injuries, some things to note are the height and weight of the user and the chair, along with the [...]


A Guide To Wheelchair Ramp Maintenance

Wheelchair ramps are an essential part of homes, establishments, and other structures and facilities commonly accessed by people. That’s because they provide individuals with mobility issues with a safe and easy way to reach their destination. To ensure the condition of your wheelchair ramp, it’s important to clean and maintain it regularly. This involves making [...]


3 Reasons Handrails are Important for Outdoor Steps

Most homes these days come with decks and outdoor spaces with handrails installed. Since they’re already part of the space, they’re often taken for granted.  It’s easy to overlook or forget the importance of handrails. As a refresher, here is a quick list of the benefits they provide. Understanding their purpose and advantages can allow [...]


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Why Adapta Ramps Is The Top Ramp Builder In Australia

In many homes and public spaces, accessibility ramps play an important role as they help people with mobility issues get to where they’re going. Although the design and structure of ramps may seem simple, they actually go through a complex process to ensure that they are safe to use and comply with current laws and [...]


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Why You Should Avoid Cheap Access Ramps

When looking for an access ramp for your home or business, you might come across builders offering to make one for you at a low price. Although it’s tempting to accept this kind of offer, you should think twice before getting a cheap ramp. This is because various factors can affect the overall quality of [...]


How To Prepare Your Access Ramp For Winter

The effects of winter can have serious effects on the quality of access ramps. Aside from causing structural damage, the accumulation of water and ice can make the surface of a ramp very slippery, which can cause accidents. Since most access ramps are used by individuals with mobility issues, such as senior citizens and people [...]


A Guide To DDA and AS Compliant Accessibility Ramps [Updated]

Disability Discrimination Act Guidelines As required by the Disability Discrimination Act (DDA), all public places should be accessible to people with disabilities. This means that places open to the public, such as government offices, parks, hospitals, schools, and commercial establishments, should have properly built ramps installed. Australian Standards Guidelines The Australian Standards (AS) sets the [...]


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How to Maintain 3 Types of Residential Ramps during the Winter Season

Wheelchair and other accessibility ramps can react differently to weather elements depending on the materials that they’re made of. During the cold and the winter season, the accumulation of ice, snow, and rainwater can affect the overall quality of a ramp. Aside from making it slippery, it can also damage the ramp’s structure, which can [...]