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6 Mistakes To Avoid When Getting A Wheelchair Ramp

If you’re looking to make your home, office, or establishment more accessible and wheelchair-friendly, then your best option is to purchase and install a ramp. This feature, which is usually used as an alternative to stairs, provides people with disabilities and mobility issues with an easier and safer way to reach their destination. There are [...]


Ramp and Rails - Anti Slip

Different Anti-Skid Options For Your Ramp

Wheelchair and accessibility ramps provide individuals with mobility issues an easy and safe way to visit public areas. Due to the nature of these types of ramps, the Disability Discrimination Act and the Australian Standards require them to have certain safety features in order to make them more user-friendly. Aside from having properly designed handrails, [...]


DDA And AS Guidelines on Handrails

Handrails are basic safety features that are commonly added to stairways and accessibility ramps. Their main purpose is to provide individuals with something to hold on to in case they lose their balance or slip. Many types of people benefit from using handrails. Aside from those with mobility issues, pregnant women, children, senior citizens, and [...]



6 Important Factors To Remember Before Building A Wheelchair Ramp

A wheelchair ramp is generally designed to provide people with mobility issues with an easier and safer way to access certain areas. In most cases, these areas are in an elevated position and can only be reached by crossing steps, kerbs, or a set of stairs. Through access ramps, individuals who rely on wheelchairs and [...]


Why you should install Handrails on your Outdoor Steps

The main purpose of handrails is to provide added stability and support. They can be usually found on ramps and staircases. Aside from these large structures, handrails can also be used on outdoor steps. If your home or place of business has outdoor steps leading to the main entrance, you should consider installing handrails due [...]


Prefab Ramps

7 Steps to Build a Wheelchair Ramp for Your Deck

Connecting a wheelchair ramp to a deck or other area is a great way to make this type of space more accessible to everyone. Aside from people in wheelchairs, accessibility ramps also provide individuals using mobility aids, such as senior citizens, a safe way to reach their destinations. Even with basic construction knowledge and skills, [...]


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How Wheelchair Ramps Help Business and Public Places

The benefits of having wheelchair ramps aren’t limited to homes and care facilities, such as hospitals and clinics. These structures also provide a number of advantages to owners of public properties and those who manage businesses. Accessibility ramps primarily allow individuals with disabilities to visit places they need to go to in an easy and [...]


5 Benefits Of Having a Wheelchair Ramp in Your Home

Access ramps play an important role in helping people with physical disabilities and elderly individuals get to where they want to go. Installing one is a cost-effective way of enhancing a person’s ability to go to certain areas despite his or her condition. In homes, access ramps can come in various forms. These can be [...]


What are Modular Wheelchair Ramps?

As its name suggests, a modular access ramp can be customised to accommodate commercial, domestic, and industrial spaces. Our wheelchair ramps come in prefabricated modules, which can be easily installed in areas where access ramps are needed. The specifications and overall design of these ramps can be customised depending on your needs and preferences. Whether [...]