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Importance Of Wheelchair And Disability Ramps

Many people fail to appreciate that some day-to-day things we do, such as going over a step or ascending a set of stairs, can be very challenging for people with mobility issues. This is the main reason why ramps are very important, especially for people in wheelchairs or people that require mobility aids such as [...]


anti slip outdoor ramps

Why It’s A Good Idea To Install Anti-Slip Surfaces On Outdoor Ramps

Everyone has the right to access public places such as restaurants, pubs and clubs and it is even more important that access to these places meet safety standards. In Australia, this is the law and owners of these establishments need to make sure access is available for everyone. To facilitate safety for wheelchair users, and [...]


constructing disability ramp

How to Build a Disability Ramp Over Steps in your Home

If you are considering getting a disability ramp installed on your property, the structure must be built in line with the DDA guidelines. These specifications have to be followed to the tee for the structure to be as per code. The guidelines also do not make it possible to convert any existing shares into wheelchair [...]


wheelchair ramp

Features You Should Focus On While Purchasing A Wheelchair Ramp

Wheelchair ramps are an essential installation on both commercial and residential structures. They give people that use mobility devices like wheelchairs, the freedom to access a building conveniently. All commercial establishments are required to ensure there are disability ramps on their properties so that visitors, clients, and customers can access their services at their physical [...]


wheelchair ramp over porch lift

Why A Wheelchair Ramp Is A Better Choice Than A Porch Lift

If you are looking to improve associability for mobility device-users into a building or home, you must have conducted some research on the various options available. Wheelchair ramps are an excellent choice for both commercial and residential settings. However, some business establishments have also started installing porch lifts. These vertical platforms act like a mini-elevator and [...]


wheelchair ramp layouts

Wheelchair Ramp Layouts That You Can Opt For

Wheelchair ramps are excellent features that offer access to those using mobility devices like walkers or wheelchairs. There is a wide range of wheelchair ramps that you can choose from. Various aspects, like the layout of your property, your budget, specific requirements, and available space, have to be taken into consideration while designing your wheelchair ramp. Wheelchair [...]


safety tips for wheelchair on ramps

Safety Tips to Follow While Using a Wheelchair on Ramps

Wheelchair ramps are excellent features for those dealing with disabilities, providing them better access to buildings, homes, and offices. This, in turn, increases both freedom and independence for mobility device users. Although a power wheelchair does require a little practice to manoeuvre, once you get the hang of it, you'd be able to operate it [...]


portable ramps

Different Types of Portable Ramps and Where You Can Use Them

Portable ramps make it possible for physically disabled and elderly individuals to move around freely. It enables them to enter residential or commercial properties without relying on others for assistance. This practical and cost-efficient solution greatly increases their mobility. Wheelchair and mobility device users can easily access sliding glass doors, showers, doorways, and steps with [...]


constructing wheelchair ramp

Aspects To Take Into Account Before Constructing A Wheelchair Ramp

Wheelchair ramps are installed to provide assistance to those using wheelchairs or other mobility devices. They are built to ensure safe movement on uneven ground. Here are a few aspects to consider before constructing a wheelchair ramp: 1. Load-Bearing Capacity – Standard or Bariatric If the wheelchair ramp exceeds its weight capacity, it can result in [...]