Benefits of Steel Wheelchair Ramps

Disability ramps are an essential feature that can be installed on residential and commercial properties

Steel wheelchair ramps help provide convenient and easy access to mobility-challenged people entering the premises. If you are considering getting a wheelchair ramp installed in your home, you may have conducted a certain amount of research. When you start looking, you will find that there are a number of different materials, styles, and layouts to choose from.

For instance, wooden ramps used to be quite popular at one point in time. These structures are aesthetically appealing and blend in well with different types of architectural stylings. However, the downside to these of ramps is that they are very high maintenance features that require regular sanding, polishing, and painting.

Aside from this, the surfaces of wood ramps can become quite slippery during rainy weather. This is also why many people are now turning to materials such as aluminium and steel for their wheelchair ramp construction. Here we take a look at why steel can be a good option for your wheelchair ramp:

The Benefits

  • Steel is a very resilient and strong material.
  • It has a much higher weight capacity compared to timber or aluminium ramps.
  • Colorbond steel is a very popular material used in ramp construction. These coated steel sheets do not rust or corrode like regular steel. Colorbond outdoor ramp is a very good choice for ramp construction.
  • These ramps are available in a modular form, which means they can be installed easily, moved as required and reinstalled at any other location as well.
  • When you purchase them from reputable manufacturers like us, you can rest assured that your ramp will be DDA compliant.
  • These features are available in a number of different styles and layouts. You get to choose everything ranging from the gradient of the slope to the actual shape of the ramp and its size etc. This flexibility in design helps ensure that you get the kind of ramp that suits your requirements and fits into the available space perfectly.
  • Colorbond ramps provide excellent value for money and can last for a number of years with minimal maintenance.
  • They are also an excellent option from an aesthetic viewpoint as they are available in a number of colors and shades. This means they can complement the look of different types of buildings and structures.
  • The surfaces can be covered with anti-slip material to improve traction. This improves the safety levels of the feature.
  • You can choose from different types of railings as required.
  • These ramps can also bear heavy weights which means different types of mobility devices and wheelchairs can be used on them without worry.
  • Colorbond steel ramps blend in perfectly with different types of old and new structures.

Expert Disability Ramp Installation Services

When you are getting a colorbond ramp installed, it is important to consult experts like the ones at our company. We will provide all the information you need about the different types of options available with us. Our team will survey the available area, to determine which option would be practical and functional in your setting.You will find that our products are top of the line and we will also handle the installation professionally.

Getting a wheelchair ramp installed isn’t a project you can take lightly. You need the specialized knowledge and skills that we bring to the table. This helps ensure your disability ramp wil be built to DDA standards and that it will be stable and safe.

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