Why You Should Consider Getting A Modular Wheelchair Ramp For Your Home

The elderly, especially those with disabilities, may need wheelchairs to move around.

These aids help them to remain mobile and access various areas in their homes as well as outdoor spaces. Installing a disability ramp on their property will help them move in and out of their house with ease and improve mobility.

When you start searching the market for these features, you will find many products with a variety of features that come at varying price and quality ranges. Some are more permanent structures and need solid base support, while others are stable yet semi-permanent structures that can be relocated if required. Here are some reasons why you should consider getting a wheelchair ramp for your home:

What Are The Benefits Of Disability Ramps?

Not every house has suitable indoor and outdoor spaces to install permanent ramps. Lightweight, modular disability ramps are ideal for these houses. These are a practical feature for people with limited mobility to move out and interact with the people outside their home. There are several benefits to installing them, such as:

  • The very idea of movement without depending on a caretaker or a family member can elevate the mood of a disabled person.
  • The feeling of independence boosts their confidence levels and quality of life.
  • Lightweight, sturdy ramps are the only option in some settings where zoning laws prohibit the installation of permanent features.
  • In a small place, site-built ramps are not possible. Modular wheelchair ramps are ideal, more comfortable, and quicker to build and serve their purpose well.
  • These features do not require a lot of planning and are easy to install.
  • There is ample choice of designs and layouts as well as widths and lengths to adjust to the available space specifications.
  • Affordability is another aspect that makes these ramps a preferred option over permanent features with posts and handrails.
  • Their simple design easily gels with the architectural features of your house.
  • It is easy to relocate lightweight, modular ramps because they are not designed to be permanent installations.
  • Though lightweight, these disability ramps are long-lasting and resilient.
  • Aluminium construction and drilling help reduce the weight of these ramps.
  • The pressed and bent top aluminium sheets increase the ramp’s rigidity and strength.
  • A good quality disability ramp is beneficial because it comes with a non-slip surface, necessary to improve safety for individuals that use mobility devices.
  • A positive feature of these ramps is that they do not require any significant floor reinforcement. This is possible because you can anchor it against an external wall with minimal structural modifications.
  • You can remove and reinstall these ramps easily if they need to be relocated.
  • Quick-release fasteners specially designed for these ramps prevent accidental unfolding.
  • Good floor clearance is an essential feature of these ramps, which makes them ideal for outdoor spaces in areas that have higher rainfall.
  • Modular ramps have leveling systems to elevate the wheelchair to a higher level and move it quickly over the stairs.

Opt For Good-Quality, Residential Disability Ramps

A standard in-floor ramp is a good fit where the wheelchair does not need to get over tall curbs or steep slopes. However, if the person has to navigate uneven curb levels to access their home, a lightweight, metal disability ramp is the ideal and practical solution. These ramps are built with a lower angle compared to permanent ramps and enable the person to access steep gradients with ease.

If you want to know more about our disability ramps and the various options on offer, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us at Adapta. You can call 1800 232 782 or contact us through this form, and one of our representatives will contact you shortly.

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