The Safety and Other Aspects in Construction a Wheelchair Ramp

People with disabilities or even the elderly, at times, need to make certain areas in their house more accessible.

The first step to take in such instances is installing a high-quality wheelchair ramp.

People with limited mobility have less independence; however, the installation of a ramp provides them with much more freedom. Besides, it also improves their quality of life as they don’t have to rely on the help of family members, and can come and go as they please. See to it that the construction of wheelchair ramps is carried out by skilled professionals. To ensure that the installation is well-balanced and durable, high-quality materials must be used in its construction.

The Aspects That Matter While Installing Wheelchair Ramps

The technicians will provide you with all necessary information about wheelchair ramps like the types of products available, modular layouts you can choose from, and the different variants, etc. before installation.

Besides, they will provide you with information on the types of ramp materials as well. This will help you make a better and well-informed decision about the kind of products you want. It is also crucial that you’re informed about the different aspects you have to keep in view before installing a high-quality wheelchair ramp on your property. Here are a few of them:

Questions To Ask

It is also essential that you ask yourself a few questions before deciding which ramp you need:

  • What kind of mobility device do you use?
  • Which entry point in your property is the most accessible?
  • Are they any local zoning requirements that have to be followed?
  • Is curb appeal more important than functionality?
  • Will I need to re-locate the ramp shortly?
  • How much do I want to invest in this feature?
  • Are there any obstacles that you would need to build around?
  • Which ramp material will suit my needs perfectly?
  • Am I looking for a temporary feature or a permanent one?
  • Do I have enough time to carry out the ramp installation project? Or would it ideal to hire a professional for the job?

Factors To Keep In View

Besides asking yourself the questions mentioned above, several additional factors have to be taken into consideration as well, such as:

  • Ramp Layout And Design – These two factors are entirely based on the layout of the outdoor spaces of your property, the space available, and your specific requirements. A short ramp may be ideal if your property has a few steps and an incline under 3 feet. In case your house is built further above the ground, the ramp feature has to incorporate platforms in its design.
  • Width Of The Ramp – There are a few DDA guidelines that have to be followed concerning the width of the ramp. It is advised that the minimum distance between handrails on each side should be approximately 3 feet. This is to ensure that wheelchairs have sufficient room. The width can be wider if required, as well.

Also, the installation of platforms or landings at frequent intervals is crucial to break the incline of the ramp. See to it that the surface of the ramp has a non-skid coating, and the material used is weather resistant. Aluminium ramps are light, durable, hardy, and easy to install, making them the perfect choice.

Based on the information you provide, the ramp experts will recommend products that suit your specific needs. Our team will make sure that the feature is designed to suit your needs and the available space. We offer a wide variety of ramp layouts and options. You can call 1800 232 782 or contact Adapta through this form, and one of our representatives will contact you shortly.

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